Science Pub with Dr. Gianni Panagiotou (B5)

Gut Bacteria - A Trillion Little Friends for Life

Dr. Gianni Panagiotou (Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, HKI)

Principal Investigator of FungiNet Projects B5 and INF

2500 years ago, the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates claimed that “All disease begins in the gut”. We now have more information than ever before that we cannot achieve optimal health without a healthy gut. What has fascinated scientists is that the status of our gut and our health risks can be evaluated and predicted by analyzing the trillions of microbes living inside us; the value of our poop just got upgraded.

Gianni Panagiotou is a chemical engineer by training, working as a systems biologist, but deep inside he believes he is a medical doctor. He has worked for several years at the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Hong Kong. In this talk, he will explain why it is time to stop talking sh*t and to get our sh*t together; our well-being probably depends on it.

Café Wagner will open at 7 pm this evening and the talk will start at 8 pm. Free entracnce!

Location: Café Wagner, Wagnergasse 26, Jena

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