Webinar: "Human Pathogenic Fungi" by Slavena Vylkova

Human Pathogenic Fungi: Identifying Novel Molecular Mechanisms and Interspecies Interactions

The webinar will be conducted by Dr. Slavena Vylkova, PI of FungiNet Project C2 and Head of JRG Host Fungal Interfaces at ZIK Septomics, Jena.

At the webinar, Slavena will introduce the Omnilog system and explain how to use the Phenotypic Microarray technique.

Webinar topics include

  • Screening of Candida albicans protein kinase mutant strains reveals novel functions important for fitness and pathogenicity
  • Data elucidates species- and clade-specific differences of human pathogenic Candida strains
  • Phenotype MicroArray™ analysis contributes to generating a model of metabolic exchange between members of the human microbiota

The Omnilog system is available at Host Fungal Interfaces lab at ZIK Septomics. If you are interested and want to utilize this approach for your own research, please contact Slavena (slavena.vylkova@leibniz-hki.de) – looking forward to cooperating with you.

Webinar attendance is free of charge. Please register via the Biolog website.

Location: online

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