FungiNet film

What is FungiNet about?

We have produced a film highlighting the research of the consortium CRC/Transregio 124 FungiNet with support by the company DahlMedia in Leipzig.

In interviews, several researchers of the consortium point out, what FungiNet is about. Axel Brakhage, speaker of the consortium, explains, why fungal infections cause serious problems. Katrin Heinze, Project leader of project A3 in Würzburg, tells in which way a laser based microscope helps to understand how Aspergillus fumigatus causes a specific lung disease. Oliver Kurzai, Project C3, explains why the discovered virulence determinants and receptors are of importance in treatment of Candida infections. And Ilse Jacobsen, Project C5, and Gianni Panagiotou, Project B5, reveal the interplay of scientists with Bioinformaticians to discover the importance of the microbiom in the gut during fungal infections.

It becomes clear that any progress in understanding of fungal infections can only be gained by intense collaborations within an interdisciplinary networking FungiNet team of engaged scientific researchers.

Link to FungiNet film – English

Link to FungiNet film – German

Interview with Ilse Jacobsen, FungiNet project C5

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