Gender equality measures: Group coachings and Workshops for female FungiNet scientists

The CRC 124 FungiNet supports Gender equality measures and offers the following Group Coachings and Workshops in Jena in cooperation with the company “i.b.s. human resources” in Jena, Leutragraben 2-4, 6th floor.

All female scientists are cordially invited.

We would be happy to receive your registration. Please send an Email to the FungiNet office till December 18th, 2015, writing which Coaching or Workshop you intend to take part (binding). For participating, your registration is in any case necessary. Every activity will be either in german or english, it’s your choice.

  • GROUPCOACHING for 3 - 4 participants

(= 2 days, 5 x 2 hours, Start: 15:30 h, continuing the next day, altogether 10 hours)

Women and Leadership: Manager or Gofer / Frauen und Führung – Managerin oder „Mädchen für alles“ 5 x 2 hours

Start: 11.01.2016, 15:30 h (german)

Start: 12.01.2016, 15:30 h (english)

Strategies for Self-Positioning: From the Power of Self-Assertion and Fairness / Strategien zur Selbstpositionierung - Von Durchsetzungsstärke und Fairness

Start: 14.03.2016, 15:30 h (german)

Start: 15.03.2016, 15:30 h (english

Result-orientated Meetings: Female Aspects of Moderation / Meetings ergebnisorientiert leiten – Weibliche Aspekte der Gesprächsleitung

Start: 16.05.2016, 15:30 h (german)

Start: 17.05.2016, 15:30 h (english)


  • TRAINING / WORKSHOP for 7 - 12 participants:

(= 2 days, 09:00 – 17:00 h, altogether 16 hours)

Self and Complexity Management: Successful Combination of Career & Private Life / Selbst- und Komplexitätsmanagement – Karriere & Privatleben „unter einen Hut“ bekommen

18.+19.02.2016 (german)

25.+26.02.2016 (english)

Resilience Management for Women: Dealing with Changing Needs from a Female Perspective / Resilienzmanagement für Frauen – Der Umgang mit Veränderungsnotwendigkeiten aus weiblicher Perspektive

12.+13.05.2016 (german)

19.+20.05.2016 (english)

Leading Teams successfully: Women in Management Positions / Teams erfolgreich leiten – Frauen in Leitungspositionen

16.+17.09.2016 (german)

23.+24.09.2016 (english)

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