Report about Publication of Project A3

In its current issue, the journal Nature Reviews Microbiology reports about the recent mBio research article of Project A3 advancing light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) to study host-fungal pathogen interactions within the 3D environment of the lung. In the news section Under the Lens, Manish S. Kushwah and Stephen Thorpe from Oxford University highlight the research article in their report A clearer picture of microbial biogeography.



Amich J*, Mokhtari Z*, Strobel M, Vialetto E, Sheta D, Yu Y, Hartweg J, Kalleda N, Jarick KJ, Brede C, Jordán-Garrote AL, Thusek S, Schmiedgen K, Arslan B, Pinnecker J, Thornton CR, Gunzer M, Krappmann S, Einsele H, Heinze KG, Beilhack A (2020) 3D light sheet fluorescence microscopy of lungs to dissect local host immune–Aspergillus fumigatus interactions. mBio 11(1): e02752-19.


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