Project B4

Image data analysis and agent-based modeling of the spatio-temporal interaction between immune cells and human-pathogenic fungi

Project B4

B4 focuses on the analysis and modeling of image data acquired within the CRC/TR FungiNet. This is accomplished by an image-based systems biology approach consisting of three steps: (i) automated image processing, (ii) derivation of quantitative measures, and (iii) construction of mathematical models to perform predictive computer simulations. The main objective is to advance this approach to investigate the interaction between host immune cells and human-pathogenic fungi, ultimately contributing to the development of a virtual infection model.

In the first funding period, we followed three lines of research: (i) Development of a pipeline for the automated analysis of microscopic images from endpoint experiments to investigate phagocytosis assays for Aspergillus fumigatus (collaboration with A1) and invasion assays for Candida albicans (C1). (ii) Computer simulation of virtual infection models for epithelial invasion of C. albicans (C1) and host-pathogen interactions in human whole-blood (C3). (iii) Mathematical modeling of A. fumigatus infection in the human lung by evolutionary game theory on graphs (A1, B1, C5).

Building on our achievements, in the second funding period we will design new tools and workflows to investigate morphological, functional and dynamic aspects of host-pathogen interactions. For example, the automated analysis of endpoint images will be developed into a comprehensive processing framework of time-resolved image data generated by live cell microscopy. We will also apply advanced computer simulations towards three main goals: (i) the generation of synthetic data representing a well-defined ground truth that we can use to validate our new algorithms for automated image analysis, (ii) the support of the design of experimental assays in order to avoid ambiguities, and (iii) the ability to identify mechanisms that govern the immune response in virtual infection scenarios.

Furthermore, we want to combine Image-based systems biology with the bioinformatics analysis of omics data in order to arrive at a more comprehensive view of infection scenarios across various scales.

Principal Investigator
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